Vision and Values

Striving For Excellence!

Striving for Excellence is the foundation of our school! Children and staff strive to do their very best and even when it gets tough, we keep on going.  We try hard, we work hard and we have positive attitudes to learning.  Our vision is that every child can reach their full potential regardless of barriers that they may have or encounter.

Our children are central to supporting excellence in our school.  Our proud Head Girl and Head Boy and our team of dedicated prefects support behaviour by celebrating children who demonstrate our school rules and our values around the school through a house point system, awarding children daily for excellence in behaviour.  Our House Captains celebrate and motivate their teams to continually strive for excellence to win House Points.  Lining up proudly is celebrated by the Head Boy and Head Girl awarding stars to the Champion Line! These stars are then collected and the class with the most stars wins the coveted Lining Up Champions Trophy for the week.  Attendance is celebrated weekly with a class trophy for the class that has the highest attendance! Our stars of the week shine brightly centre stage in our Hall of Fame every week.  Our Eco Warriers ensure that we turn off our lights and monitors at the end of the day and care about our environment. Our School Councillors represent their class and are a voice for the children.  Striving for Excellence is at the core of what we do. 

We want every child to have high aspirations and reach their full potential. We are developing our curriculum so that subjects are carefully planned and sequenced, building on children's prior learning by linking knowledge across different subjects and year groups.  We are committed to providing a curriculum that not only empowers children by building knowledge and skills, but also develops children physically, socially, spiritually, morally, culturally and artistically.  We plan to develop children's vocabulary throughout the curriculum so that children become confident and articulate, with a deep understanding of key concepts. English and Maths are promoted throughout our subjects.

Our core values developed with our school community underpin our school.  These are:

Community and Collaboration






We focus on one value each half term, exploring how we can strive for excellence demonstrating the value. 

Our school is also led by the fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of the Law, Respect and Tolerance and Individual Liberty. These values underpin what it is to be a citizen in a diverse and modern Great Britain.

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