Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Thompson


Mr Everson

Assistant Principal and Year 4/5 Teacher

Ms Wild

SENDCO and Resource Base Teacher

Miss Hetherington

School Business Manager

Class Teachers

Miss Fisher

Reception/Year 1

Miss Percival

Year 2

Miss Pickston

Year 3/4

Mr Everson

Year 4/5

Miss Burgess

Year 6

Ms Wild

Class 8

Support Staff

Mrs Willcox

PPA and TA/interventions support across the school

Mrs Poynton

PPA and pastoral support across the school

Miss Warburton

Reception/Year 1 TA Support

Mrs Goodier

Reception/Year 1 TA Support

Miss Sheridan

TA support across Years 3, 4 and 5

Mr Evans

TA support Class 8 and pastoral interventions

Miss Jones

TA support Class 8

Mrs Turner

School Cook

Miss Chantler

Catering Assistant

Mrs Crisp

Mid-day Assistant and Cleaner

Mrs Bradley

Mid-day Assistant

Miss Furnival


Mr Brooks

Site Manager

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